Training FAQs

What percentage of graduates go on to teach yoga and where?

The best testimonial to the strength of our program is that almost all of our graduates go on to teach. While a certification from our training does not guarantee a teaching position at Yoga Tribe, we almost exclusively hire from our list of graduates. Many teachers are able to go back to their home town and either obtain teaching positions at their home studios or elsewhere.

What is included in the tuition costs?

Included in tuition costs are classroom hours, your manual and an active membership to the studio for the length of your teacher training. You are responsible to purchase all required textbooks and for Warrior Flow Training to take a minimum of 3 outside classes at your cost, otherwise, you will not incur any additional costs to complete your 200 certification. 

Is there an application process?

At Yoga Tribe, we carefully evaluate each applicant and acceptance is only granted if we believe the student is ready to meet the mental and physical challenges of the curriculum.

Are there tests?

The value of the Yoga Tribe certification is very high and our exit exam and other checkpoints throughout the course help us ensure that trainees are on track and that we can maintain the standard established over the years. You are required to receive a grade B or above in anatomy.

What are the credentials of the institution?

Yoga Tribe is a premier yoga studio of Orange County, as attested by the numerous awards we win from the public each year.

Is there a limit to class size?

Enrollment on our 200 hour modules is capped at 20. This results in strong and meaningful relationship between the Director and yourself as well as with all your fellow trainees, during and after the program.

How many hours are spent with each member of the faculty?

The strength of a Yoga Tribe Teacher Training is that you will work one on one with the Director who will get to know you personally and guide you through training. Jason Wilkerson and Shannon Kassoff bring years of experience and are dedicated to each individual. A very close bond is developed as a result and you will feel connected and cared for.

How may hours are spent practice teaching?

Most 200 hour programs include practice teaching as part of a group (Round Robin format) on the last day(s), with limited opportunities to practice teach until then. In our 200 hour program, there are a minimum of 2 hours of practice teaching each day, starting with the first day : everybody grows in confidence and improves exponentially.