Monthly Sound Meditation

Date: 1st Sunday of Every Month

From: 7 pm - 8 pm

Sometimes referred to as a sound bath, this practice is used to reduce stress, achieve desired states of consciousness, and deeply massage the body with vibration.

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Sound Meditation Teacher Training

Date: Feb 10 - 11

From: 11:30a - 4:30p

Open to all yoga teachers & the general public.

Sound Meditation is an easy way to relax the body and mind, & connect to deeper layers of the self. Discover the art & science of using sound for meditation, relaxation & wellness. Learn how to use the power of vibration & frequency to bring peace & harmony to yourself, your clients & loved ones. In this training you will learn:

• How to Lead a Sound Meditation Class / Sound Bath
• How to Play Instruments like Gongs, Singing Bowls & More
• The Science & Philosophy of Sound Meditation
• The Physiological Effects of Sound
• Tuning the Mind with Specific Frequencies
• Chakras: Sound & the Subtle Body
• Vibrational Breathing Techniques
• Mantra Meditation & other Vocal Practices

Yoga Alliance Registered Teachers (RYT) can receive 10 Contact Hours toward their Continuing Education (CE) requirement.

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