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Teacher of the Month November 2017: Abby Cohen

Who is your most influential teacher and why: My most influential teacher is Jason Wilkerson. He has taught me everything I know, with love and kindness. Jason has taught me to work hard for what you want to accomplish, to pick yourself back up when you have fallen, and to remember there are always people behind you supporting you.  
When was the defining moment when you realized you wanted to teach yoga:— I honestly didn’t know if I was ready to take the teacher training and teach yoga. Jason pushed me to take the teacher training and in the beginning I began to see the weight that teaching came with and the joy that I would once feel when I taught my own yoga class.
What is your teaching philosophy: I believe in pushing people to their fullest potential in class even when they do not believe they have it in them.
How long have you been teaching yoga: 1 month. :)

Favorite Pose and Why: Dandayamana Dhanurasana- Standing Bow Pulling is my favorite pose. This posture incorporates your whole body and mind by reaching and kicking in two opposite directions. This posture is about having the balance in reaching as far as you can forward but having the self control to pull back if you are about to waiver out of the pose.
Most Challenging Part of Your Yoga Practice: Focusing inward on myself and not on anybody around me.
Person who has inspired you most: My mom, Lilian.
Book you are currently reading: The Alchemist 
Secret Comfort Foods: Pancakes from IHOP and burritos from Chronic Taco. 
Movie that has changed the way you think: 100 Foot Journey
Cause you feel most passionate about: Traveling and creating relationships with people around the world to show them love.

Your local retreat: --I’m not sure.
An Unfinished Dream: --I feel like my life has just begun!
What is your favorite expression: Stand in your truth.
Most impressive person you have ever. — I don’t know!
Why is yoga important to you? --Yoga is important to me because it grounds me in who I am. When I am overwhelmed with school work or late dance classes at my dance studio, I practice yoga and I am a changed person by the end of class. I am more focused, accepting, and ready to conquer anything that comes my way.
Most passionate subject: —Teaching yoga to students.
Favorite hobbies: Dancing, playing golf, scuba diving, and practicing yoga.  

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