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Student of the Month March 2014: Bryan Vogel


When did you start doing yoga and where?
In 2002 at Yoga Shakti in Huntington Beach with Louise With-Seidelin. I was amazed at how complete of a practice yoga is.

How often do you practice yoga?
Currently 4-5 days a week.

Why do you practice yoga?
Years of high-impact workouts caught up with me - Kickboxing, jogging and rugby. I needed something that I could do throughout life that didn't eventually break down my body. I had done yoga on and off for a few years but when I tried hot yoga I realized that it was something much more. Also for the last 20 years I have raced sport-bikes and yoga makes it so much easier to maneuver your body around the bike on the racetrack. Who knew being aware of your breath would make for faster lap times.

What are the primary benefits you experience from your yoga practice?
Physically-  maintenance and core strength.  Mentally- focus, calmness and a general feeling of wellbeing.

What is your most challenging posture and why?
Kapotasana. Are you kidding me!

What is your favorite posture and why?
Half Moon - It's not that easy for me but it feels good.

How has your hot yoga practice changed your life?

I typically do yoga at the end of the day and it clears the slate for me. When I'm done with class there's a since of accomplishment and I'm very relaxed. That's very important to me. Made some cool yoga buddies too.


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