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Student of the Month December 2013: Jody Walsh

When did you start doing yoga and where?
Approximately 2002 in seal beach California! My mom talked me into it.

How often do you practice yoga?
I practice 3 x's regularly a week and more if I can fit it in!

Why do you practice yoga?
I practice hot yoga because it changed my life! I started back in 2002 with room temp. regular yoga, and though it was ok...when I discovered hot yoga in life changed. Not only my focus and discipline but my aching body from degenerative arthritis diagnosed in my 20's, went away and stays away as long as I keep practicing...I was a former Jr. Olympic gymnast for 10 years and wrecked havoc on my body and joints...I felt I needed a bottle of Advil and a hot bath just to soften up the stiffness and pain in my lower back! Within 3 months of practicing regularly I rarely had any pain at all!! Life changing!

What are the primary benefits you experience from your yoga practice?
Primary benefits...all of the above; life without pain and seeing progression in strength and flexibility!! Worth it...some people say I can't do that I am not flexible...pardon me, but no kidding...most of us are not, that's why we get more flexible and strengthen your core to help you in all sports and life in general.

What is your most challenging posture and why?
Geez...most challenging to be warrior...I love the name because I feel like a life warrior, however it seems to be most challenging because it requires amazing strength and sometimes you just don't want to try that hard, but being a warrior you have to do it pushes me the most out of all the postures.

What is your favorite posture and why?
My favorite posture harder than I thought ...I really like a lot of them, but I would have to say...uh oh I don't know the name...but when u are on floor postures the last one on your belly...holding both ankles and stretching up into back bend position! ahhhh...feels so good and fun!! And who doesn't like to have fun?!!

How has your hot yoga practice changed your life?
Hot yoga has changed my life to be free of daily constant back pain (as well as other aches and pains in the joints) and keeps me detoxed from all the daily stress of this funny, crazy, yet beautiful life!!!

Blessings to all and may your life be changed for the better with your hot yoga practice.

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