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Student of the Month April 2014: Bryant Marshall


When did you start doing yoga and where?
Between 2008 and 2012 I attended a few yoga classes at Purple Yoga in Fullerton and Tustin, but I started a consistent practice here, at Yoga Tribe, around February 2013.

How often do you practice Yoga?
Currently, I try to attend class 5 days a week.

Why do you practice Yoga?
Initially, I started to practice for the physical benefits.  Most days I’m sitting at a desk and over the years it’s taken a toll on my flexibility.  Presently, I practice for both the physical and mental rewards I receive in class. 

What are the primary benefits you experience from your yoga practice?
Yoga has improved the way I feel both physically and mentally.  The lessons I learn in class become positive tools I use throughout my day.  Yoga has changed the way I view and treat my body.  By increasing my understanding of the mind-body connection, I see that by caring for my body, my mind is cared for, and vice versa.

What is your most challenging posture and why?
If I look for challenges I can find them in most postures, but if I have to choose one, I’d say it’s standing split.  Due to my lack of flexibility, standing split brings in to awareness so many of my physical limitations.

What is your favorite posture and why?
Any posture I can find a moment of presence is my favorite.  But, if I choose one at this time it’s also standing split.  The challenges I experience in this posture provide me with the greatest opportunity to let go, accept myself as I am, and settle into the current situation.  When I’m able to do this, I feel gratefully connected to my practice, and that is my favorite.

How has hot yoga practice changed your life?
Dayton Method Hot yoga has changed the way I view life and my perceived challenges.  Yoga teaches me that I’m completely responsible for how I experience each moment in life.  It has shown me that I’m much happier when I approach all situations in a kind, and relaxed way.  Dayton Method Hot Yoga also allows me to share in a truly beautiful practice with an amazing tribe of people.

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