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Staff of the Month July 2014: Eric Bent

What is your hometown?
Huntington Beach

What was your childhood aspiration?
Train Conductor, that hat was so cool!

When was your first yoga class?
My first yoga class was here at Yoga Tribe around 3 years ago. My friend TK turned me on to it, like many others, I bought the 20 for 20 and it was on !

What is your role at Yoga Tribe and when did it start?
My role at Yoga Tribe for the last 3 years has been, as I like to call it, "Curator of Studio Facilities"! I feel very fortunate that the studio allows us to hold these positions. From the first time I came to the studio I was extremely impressed with how well maintained everything was. I take pride in keeping it at that level!

What is your favorite pose and why?
Camel. I figure if I say it’s my favorite it may let me progress into it the pose a little more. Ha!

What is the most challenging part of your yoga practice?
The most challenging part of yoga for me always changes. Of course in the beginning it was the adjustment to the heat. Then it was fidgeting during savasana. One aspect lately has been really ‘breathing’, during the entire 90 minutes series. For me, it’s probably the single biggest factor that carries me through. Those long 6-count breathes through the nose are Money!

Who is the person who has inspired you most?
My Mom inspired me the most when it comes to Yoga. She did it for 9 years and she carried that practice into her everyday life. When I got into she was stoked!

What is the book you are currently reading?
Bass Pro Shops Catalog

What is your secret comfort foods?
Nilla Wafers . . . Ha!

What is the movie that has changed the way you think?
I’m not a big fan of heavy ‘thought provoking’ movies. I like to ‘check-out’ when I watch TV which I rarely do.

What is a cause you feel most passionate about?
Pollution. We’ve only got 1 planet. Do your part.

What is your local retreat?
Anywhere on the water.

Do you have an unfinished dream?
Paddling the Catalina Classic. Its an annual paddle-board race from Catalina to Santa Monica Pier. Not on a SUP either !

What is your favorite expression?
Catch Photograph and Release !

Most impressive person you have ever met?
My Dad for sure. Still fishing and boating at 83 ! His last year of school was 8th grade, and he was working full time since the age of 14. He got sent to Wisconsin at 14 to work in a factory, when the job was over he jumped trains all the way back to LA! He learned from hobos how to read the flags on the trains which signaled the direction the trains were headed. Later he enlisted in the Korean War where he was awarded the Bronze Star for saving lives and maintaining his platoons position during a large attack. He rarely talks about his time in the service, and is the kindest most humble man you’ll ever meet. 

Why is yoga important to you?
Its genuinely a complete mind / body and spiritual exercise. There is nothing that can compare to the overall enrichment Yoga gives.

What is your most passionate subject?
Oh man, thats a tough one. My friends would say I’m a bit of a weirdo when it comes to casting lures. I enjoy placing a lure accurately in very small locations, perhaps more than catching!

What are your favorite hobbies?
Yoga, Fishing, & Surfing !

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