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Staff Member of the Month October 2018: Deni Mathiesen

I am so honored 💜 Yoga Tribe is such a special community to me and I’m so happy to be a part of it. 

WHEN DID YOU START YOGA AND WHERE? I come from a dance background where extra workouts like Yoga and Pilates were always integrated but Yoga tribe was the first place I ever decided to visit on my own. 
HOW OFTEN DO YOU PRACTICE YOGA? 1 or 2 times a week but going to complete the 30 day challenge in October. :)
WHY DO YOU PRACTICE YOGA? Its a great workout but what I truly come for is my mind. Hot yoga helps my stress levels, anxiety, and overall self esteem.

WHAT ARE THE PRIMARY BENEFITS YOU EXPERIENCE? I get sick less, I sleep better, and what it does for my body is incredible.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST CHALLENGING POSTURE? WHY? The balance postures. Some days I can do all of them without a hitch and others I can’t do any for more than a second. Thats when you truly realize how much your mind rattles off to you when things get a little difficult and how to let your thoughts go.
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE POSTURE? Sun salutations, its fun to do and gets me excited for the rest of the class.
I have a long way to go, but so far its helped me further connect with myself while giving me such a special community of yogis to do it with. SO THANKFUL <3

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