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When did you start doing yoga and where? Approximately 2002 in seal beach California! My mom talked me into it. How often do you practice yoga? I practice 3 x's regularly a week and more if I can fit it in! Why do you practice yoga? I practice hot yoga because it changed my life! I started back in 2002 with room temp. regular yoga, and though it was ok...when I discovered hot yoga in life changed. Not only my focus and discipline but my aching body from degenerative arthritis diagnosed in my 20's, went away and stays away as long as I keep practicing...I was a f ..


We are very excited to have announced the launching of our new brand – Yoga Tribe. Yoga Tribe is a name that we felt most resonated the community of people at our studio. We wanted a name that expressed the culture more than the yoga because when we think or our studio, we think of the people and relationships cultivated. We will be adding more unique programs to our schedule starting in the NEW YEAR including Kids Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Barre and Non-Heated Yoga! Thank you to Amy Gayheart of Gayheart Design ( for our beautiful logo and Namaste Interactive  ..