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What is your hometown? Huntington Beach because home is where the heart is, but my family is in Colorado so part of my heart is there too. I was born in Madison Wisconsin and we moved every four years so I have lived in many places. What was your childhood aspiration? I wanted to be a veterinarian, but I don’t know what I was thinking. That would have been terrible unless everyone just brought healthy pets to the vet. When and where was your first yoga class? I started with a home practice after rupturing a disc back in the day of the VCR. But my first c ..

When did you start doing yoga and where? I began practicing in 2002 at the Bikram studio on 17th St. across from the old Mother’s Market location in Costa mesa. How often do you practice yoga? Three times a week usually. On a really good week, five times. What are the primary benefits you experience from your yoga practice? As an actor, the focus I gain is priceless. Yoga allows me to quiet my mind and take the focus off of me, and my perceived problems. Thus putting the focus on the other person I am talking to. This has been a priceless gift. The mindfulness ..

Ingredients: 1 stick (4oz) butter 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 3 eggs ¾ cup sugar (8 pieces) Directions: 1-preheat oven to 350 degrees. 2-melt 1 stick of butter (4 oz) in a small pan on the stove. 3-when butter is melted add 1 cup of cocoa powder and mix well. 4-beat (with a fork) 3 eggs in a bowl. 5-add 3/4 cup of sugar to eggs and mix. 6- add cocoa/butter mixture to the eggs/sugar and mix until even. 7-grease (using coconut oil, butter, spray grease) a baking dish/pan (can be glass or metal) that is 7 or 8 inches x 7 or 8 inches (not a  ..

To live in a magical way, loving yourself is not optional. It comes first. You must do more than just accept yourself, tolerate yourself, put up with yourself, endure who you are – You must Love yourself! To hear the quiet voice of your heart so you know when you’re being led, to hear your thoughts so you can know what you really believe, to trust and open your heart, you must first experience love for yourself. Learn to love the way you handle things. Love your unique way of learning, growing, and seeing people and the world. Love where you’v ..

Hamid Kalhor When did you start doing yoga and where? I started practicing yoga in August 2011 at Huntington Beach Hot Yoga/Yoga Tribe. How often do you practice yoga? I intend to practice four times per week but if not four, three times for sure. Why do you practice yoga? I started practicing yoga because I was supposed to get a knee replacement. My fear of being unable to play soccer anymore led me to Huntington Beach Hot Yoga as it was recommended to me by my chiropractor. What are the primary benefits you experience from your yoga practice? N ..

What is your hometown? Huntington Beach What was your childhood aspiration? I aspired to run and play and laugh. Stay outside until the street lights came on. Luckily my parents (unconsciously, I believe) taught me to just enjoy every day and not worry so much about tomorrow. When and where was your first yoga class? My very first yoga class was here at Yoga Tribe when it was known as Huntington Beach Hot Yoga. Roughly 10 years ago. Who is your most influential teacher and why? It's difficult to say which teacher in my life was the MOST influential. I am consta ..

Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana) (ah-doh moo-kah vriks-SHAHS-anna) adho mukha = face downward (adho = downward; mukha = face) vrksa = tree Step by Step (NOTE: Before attempting handstand, it is recommended to view this video ( 1-Perform downward facing dog with your fingertips an inch or two away from a wall, hands shoulder-width. If your shoulders are tight, turn your index fingers out slightly; otherwise arrange them parallel to each other. Finally spread your palms and press the bases of t ..

What is your hometown? Lewiston, a small town in Northern Idaho. What was your childhood aspiration? I wanted to be an actress and an entomologist. When and where was your first yoga class? Not that long ago. My friend Danett invited me to a class at Yoga Tribe in June of 2012 and I’ve been hooked ever since. Who is your most influential teacher and why? My husband, Chris is an incredible teacher in so many ways. I’m always impressed and inspired when I watch him coach a CrossFit class, lead a meeting at work, or speak in front of large group of pe ..

If you want to live an extraordinary life, you have to identify and appreciate the extraordinary things that are already part of your life. The reason something is extraordinary or remarkable in your life is because you say it is. It’s that simple. Here are ten tips on how to make every day extraordinary: 1. Pay attention. When you are distracted, it’s impossible to notice the extraordinary things around you and how you feel about your life. Unplug, look up and be present. 2. Be grateful. Expressing gratitude will help you stay focused on the magnificent happe ..

Ingredients (Makes 6 cookies): • 1/4 cup shredded coconut • 1/4 cup ground flax seed • 1/4 cup chopped raw almonds • 2-3 T almond butter • 1/2 banana (try pumpkin or sweet potato if you are avoiding fruit) • 1-2 teaspoons coconut oil • Dark chocolate (aim for 70% cocoa or higher) • pinch sea salt • pinch cinnamon • 1/2 tsp (optional) vanilla stevia, raw honey, or real maple syrup to taste (optional) Directions: Mash the banana with a fork and mix into the almond butter. Mix in shredded coconut, ground flax, ..