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Featured Yoga Posture March 2014: Warrior I – Virabhadrasana

1- Begin in downward facing dog.
2- Inhale and as you exhale, step your right foot forward into a low lunge position.
3- Spin your left heel flat so your left toes are pointing slightly forward, and inhale your arms and chest up.
4- Reach your arms toward the ceiling as your pinky fingers turn in toward one another. This will allow your shoulders to relax down your back.
5- Maintain a deep, 90 degree lunge in your right leg. Your lower core muscles are engaged here, which should allow you to find length in your low spine.
6- Work on squaring your hips toward the front of the room, while grounding the knife edge of your left foot into the mat.
7- Breathe in Warrior 1 for 5 to 10 breaths, and then release your palms down to the mat; return to a low lunge before moving back into downward facing dog.
8- Repeat on the left side.

For variations on Warrior 1 go to:

- Strengthens the muscles of the back.
- Tones the muscles of the abdomen.
- Improves digestion.
- Strengthens and stretches the hip flexors, ankles and legs.
- Improves stability, balance and focus.

- Shoulder injury should keep arms parallel or a little wider than parallel to each other.
- Neck injury should keep head in a position that is neutral and not look up at the hands.

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