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Yes, It's OK To Eat Before Yoga! 5 Foods To Enjoy Many of my yoga students come straight after work to my afternoon classes and haven’t eaten since lunch. I hear things like: I'm just not 100% there when my belly growls, but I know I'm not supposed to eat before class. I can recall countless times where students couldn’t enjoy another down dog simply because they'd eaten too much. Personally, if it's been too long since my last meal, I make sure that I charge up with a nutrient-dense and easy-to-digest food that picks me up without feeling bloate ..

ACAI BERRY SMOOTHIE BOWL A thick, rich, and creamy acai berry bowl full of antioxidant rich acai berries and raw fruits and vegetables. Serving size: 1 recipe Calories: 460 Fat: 14 Carbohydrates: 75 (net 57) Fiber: 18 Protein: 10 INGREDIENTS 1 packet of frozen organic acai berry pulp 2 heaping handfuls of organic spinach 1 frozen banana ½ cup coconut milk, unsweetened 2 tablespoons of chia seeds (soaked for at least 20 minutes in some of the coconut milk) dash of cinnamon  ..

Hometown: Linwood, New York Childhood aspiration: To be James Bond or Indiana Jones When and where was your first yoga class: I think at a gym back in Buffalo, NY in 2009. Who is your most influential teacher and why: KellyAnn McHugh and Shannon Kassoff – Because they teach from the heart and soul; both are full of knowledge and do a lot of volunteer work. Both are great mentors! When was the defining moment when you realized you wanted to teach yoga: I do not think there was a defining moment. All I knew is that I loved taking Yoga classes, an ..

WHEN DID YOU START YOGA AND WHERE? I only recently started practicing yoga; specifically June 2016. I began here, at Yoga Tribe, when my younger sister convinced me to join her one day. HOW OFTEN DO YOU PRACTICE YOGA? I practice yoga three times per week, every week. Occasionally I add in a day or two if I’m feeling the need to challenge myself that week. WHY DO YOU PRACTICE YOGA? I began practicing yoga because I needed to find a new form of exercise. I’ve never been one for gyms so this was a perfect solution. As I experienced the benef ..

WHEN DID YOU START YOGA AND WHERE? I started yoga for the first time when I was 8 years old through the Huntington Beach Sands Program for kids, and later moved on to trying Dayton at Yoga Tribe when I was 12 years old, before they raised the age to 16 to practice. Although, it was not until I was in high school that I fully committed to becoming an awesome yogi. HOW OFTEN DO YOU PRACTICE YOGA? I practice yoga anywhere between five and seven days a week. When not at the tribe I often practice yoga in my backyard underneath the sun. I also extremely enjoy attending ..

Yoga Blocks are made from a variety of materials, so do check with the manufacturer for specific instructions. Foam Yoga Blocks are usually made with a high-density EVA foam, which is moisture and bacteria resistant. 1. Use a drop of dish washing soap with water and rub the surface of your blocks to remove any dirt or stains. Set the blocks out to allow them to dry. 2. If the blocks are really dirty, or you have several, you can place them in a washing machine with laundry soap to be cleaned. Set the blocks out to allow them to dry. 3. If there is a stubborn ..

Hometown: I was born in Saigon, Vietnam. Childhood aspiration: When I was a child, I aspired to be a doctor. My First Yoga Class: Yoga tribe 3.13 Who is your most influential teacher and why: The most influential teachers in during my yoga journey were Jason, Kelly, Aundy, and Lindsey. They were influential because of their spirit and compassion with yoga. What is your teaching philosophy: My teaching philosophy is that the many things I learn from yoga like the skills, techniques, passion, and dedication; I hope to pass onto those around me. How .. Ingredients: • 12-16 ounces of Frozen Peaches • 26 Ounces of Coconut Milk • 1/2 cup of Honey Directions: 1. In a blender mix the Peaches, Coconut Milk, and Honey 2. Add the mixture to the Ice Cream Maker for about 20 minutes. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, place the mixture into an airtight container and freeze overnight or for about 6-8 hours. 3. Using an Ice Cream Maker is the best way to achieve the fluffy creamy texture. I ..

Shannon Kassoff, ERYT-500, YACEP When and where was your first yoga class: My first yoga class was a donation-based class in a library in Huntington Beach. My husband had been trying to get me to go to yoga with him but I had a whole bunch of excuses why I thought yoga was not for me. I finally went, and it shifted my entire life onto a new path. Who is your most influential teacher and why: I have had many influential teachers throughout my journey. To name a few, Heather Peterson, David Miller, Nicolette David, Randy Allard, Erika Burkhalter, Kori Strobl,  ..

When did you start yoga and where? “June 2015 at Yoga Tribe.” How often do you practice yoga? “At least three days a week, sometimes four.” Why do you practice yoga? “To improve my flexibility. As a surfer, maintaining flexibility is always the number one challenge. As I’ve gotten older, stiffness and soreness in my hips, low back and hamstrings has settled in after long hours in the water. It’s the main reason guys stop surfing as they get older. It’s not because they want to stop, it’s because t ..