Nancy Madey

Nancy Madey I started practicing one year ago at Yoga Tribe. I practice both Dayton Method and Barre  5 days a week.
My husband had been practicing at Yoga Tribe and truly enjoyed it. He thought I would gain some health benefits from it and kept encouraging me to try it. I put him off for over a year. I eventually became so desperate for pain relief that I decided to give it a try. I was hooked after the 3rd day, and I've been here ever since! An added benefit is that I get to spend more time with my husband when we take classes together!

I had been experiencing problems with chronic bursitis in my hips for over 5 years. After not obtaining any sort of relief from doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and cortisone injections, I finally decided to listen to my husband and give hot yoga a try. Over a period of time my pain started to diminish. I consider hot yoga to be a fun and rewarding form of physical therapy!
I realize the value of my practice every day. Yoga helps to clear my mind, stay in the moment, and become completely focused on what my body is allowing me to do that day. As the instructors will tell you, "Every class you take is different even though you are doing the same postures". The benefits of doing these postures repeatedly helps to create improvements not only in my postures, but in my mind as well.

I have learned that through the struggle, strength is being built. Whether it's struggling through the postures, or struggling in life--both physical and mental strength is constantly being built.