Lorena Chaparro

Lorena Chaparro

I started practicing at Yoga Tribe about three years ago. I started practicing the Dayton Method, but for the last year I have combined it with the Warrior Flow.  The Dayton Method, for me at least, helps me build my strength and endurance, while the Warrior Flow contributes more to my flexibility, in addition to adding variety and new challenges to my practice.

My commute to the studio is about 30 minutes. I wish I could be there every day, but I try to make it at least twice a week. However, some weeks I’m able to treat myself to 3 sessions per week.

I happened to come across an online special and I decided to try it. Having been practicing Bikram Yoga for more than three years already, I was ready to try something new. From the beginning I loved practicing at Yoga Tribe because it was obvious the people there shared more than a love for yoga.  There was a sense of community and comradery I had not experienced anywhere else.  People interacted with each other, cared for each other, and seemed genuinely happy to be there and share with others their special time at the studio. 

Before Yoga Tribe, many times I dreaded my workout routine, but being there taught me that anyone can relax, enjoy, and get stronger physically and mentally while breaking a sweat. The only expectation I have when I go there is to try my best.  I think the light, people friendly atmosphere at Yoga Tribe makes this possible. At a more personal level, my practice has helped me tremendously to adapt to the challenges of motherhood. As a new Mom, those first months of taking care of a newborn was the biggest challenge I had faced in my life, so far, and I honestly believe that it was my discipline and my love for yoga that made the transition to this new life manageable.  As my daughter keeps growing, so is my love and understanding of the infinite benefits of a consistent yoga practice. I have had a few of those moments when something clicked in my head and gave me a new or a deeper perspective of what I had been hearing, but not really listening.  I’m always looking for those moments when the extra effort or the adjustment provided by the instructor creates that “extra space.”  I’m into finding that “extra space” all the time, not only because physically I can experience how much more I can endure or how much deeper I can go, but also because of the mental and emotional parallels that are created – when the body find that “extra space,” so does the mind.  Who doesn’t want that? Hence, I constantly push myself, I reach higher and further as much as I can, to see what else I’m going to find.

The biggest thing I have learned through my practice is that the journey is more important than the destination. Yoga is an essential part of my life now.  I am no longer worried about practicing yoga the “perfect” way; I just practice. The discipline that it takes to practice regularly, to take it one class at a time, one pose at a time, one minute at a time, and ultimately one breath at a time, reflects the way I envision my life. One breath at a time.  Always trying my best.