Kayla Stra

Kayla Stra I started practicing at Yoga Tribe in December 2010 after moving back from San Francisco. And I’m glad I found the studio because I have met some awesome people/teachers. I practice at least twice a week, but I try for 3-4 times depending on my work schedule. I decided this style of hot yoga was perfect for me because I have to maintain a strict weight balance for my career as a jockey. As well as helping with my weight, yoga has helped me in almost every other way too! I am definitely a stronger person mentally, physically and emotionally. I have never felt more at peace with myself and the sometimes ‘crazy’ world around me. I have dedicated much of my life so far to the horse racing industry and I really didn’t even realize that it had been so long since I poked my head out and saw what the rest of the world was up to! So since learning to clear my mind I have found the pressure I put on myself wasn’t all that necessary and if I can keep practicing to be just the one breath I breathe at that time and moment I am always going to be the best I can be.