Karla Doyle

Karla Doyle

The first time I started practicing at Yoga Tribe was sometime in 2005.  It has gone through some changes since then! I practice Dayton Method and only recently have started incorporating Warrior Flow. However, Dayton Method is hands down my first choice. I practice yoga as often as I can.  I have gone though periods where it was four days a week or more, to doing my best to get there at least two days a week.  Since I have started there, I have gotten married and had twin girls.  I made the commitment to practice more recently and just completed my first 30 day challenge.  It definitely made me realize that I need to practice as much as possible.  My family noticed it too!  I am just a happier, more patient person when I am practicing yoga. I moved to Huntington Beach from northern California in 2004. I had just started going to a hot yoga class there prior to moving.  I had a knee injury and had surgery so I had to take some time off.  After getting settled in HB, I was out and about checking out the town and I drove by the studio.  My knee was healed enough to start practicing again so I decided to give it a shot.  I am happy that I did!

Practicing at Yoga Tribe has helped me in so many ways.  It has helped me regain (although I’m not there completely) flexibility in my knee, helped me work thought tendinitis in my wrist, strengthen my completely shot abs from carrying twins and having a c-section, and most importantly, it is the medicine my mind needs.  Practicing yoga has given me the patience I need to be a better wife, mom and teacher.  I am able to calm myself mentally and recognize when I need a break from something.

I had a pretty profound moment during the 30 day challenge that just ended.  I have struggled and dreaded a specific posture for the entire almost ten years of practicing yoga. Standing head to knee has been my nemesis.  For years I just stood there holding my knee.  At the start of the 30 day challenge, I could barely stand there holding my foot.  By about day 20, I could do it.  By the end of the 30 days I could actually extend my leg out.  Being able to do that after almost ten years brought tears to my eyes.  Realizing that I could do something that was so incredibly hard for me, something I had deemed impossible is a lesson I will take with me forever.

The most important lesson I have learned throughout my practice is that I have to take care of myself first.  My twins are almost five years old, I have been teaching for 12 years, and I have an amazing husband, but if I don’t take care of me first, then I can’t be successful at the other things.  Yoga has given me patience and confidence and I am proud to share that with my family.  My daughters noticed it in me and are now Little Warriors and practicing at Yoga Tribe. It makes me so happy to share that with them.