Elena Hedlund

Elena Hedlund I have been practicing Dayton Method 4-5 times a week at Yoga Tribe since January, 2008. I wanted more of a workout then what I was doing and of course be more flexible. It’s given me more confidence in my physical well-being.  During the last six years practicing, I have had some various sport injuries. I can say that my recovering was quicker and more manageable because of the
Dayton Method. I am newly semi-retired. I love to hike, and hiking the Sierras is a deep passion of my. My dream is to learn to backpack, and I believe that dream is becoming real. I have signed up for a 2 weekend introductory to Backpacking in March. Because I have worked so hard with my practice at Yoga Tribe, I feel confident that I will fulfill this new and exciting endeavor.
The floor series, my back is stronger now then ever before. My flexibility amazes me. Staying within my means, I feel I can do anything. I can stay focus, be discipline, and have confidence to try new things.