Doug W.

Doug W. I started practicing at Yoga Tribe about 3 years ago. I practice the Dayton Method about 3-4 times a week. I decide to start practicing for stress mitigation.   In relatively brief period of time I was dealing with a child with cancer that lost 3 ribs, a challenging long-running divorce, and some business difficulties to name a few.  The Stress was causing physical problems.  Vicious circle.  Yoga has brought peace.   I have always been an active sports guy … Tennis, Water Skiing, Weight Lifting, etc.  Yoga to me was something for ladies between Starbucks  (Don’t hate me … I am reformed  : > ) That said Yoga in general and Hot Yoga in specific; delivered in the positive communal structure of the Yoga Tribe, allows me an opportunity to slowly tune down and then tune out the challenges of the day and find an active peace.     For me,  physically the value is apparent in the flexibility and general core body strength.  Spiritually (but not religiously) it comes usually about 15 minutes in.  I also have a friend I meet at practice and we always fist bump at the break sessions as our mini-reward for making it through the set.   This adds a fun social element to as well.  What I learned is: to make time for myself … which in turn makes me better able to add value to my relationships with others. To appreciate the many beautiful things that each day brings – big or small.  To plan for the future – but be in the moment.