Cassidy McHugh

Cassidy McHugh The Warrior Flow teacher training completely changed my yoga practice, and overall, life. When I started doing yoga I was shy, insecure, and unsure of what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. Yoga allowed me to connect to myself in a deeper way than before and learn to love and accept myself for who I am. Things became more clear and I began surrounding myself with more positive people, it was obvious how this was impacting my life. When Shannon mentioned teacher training last year to me I was really excited and knew that I wanted to do it, but I couldn't afford it last year at all. So I waited and saved and worked as hard as I could to be able to do the training this year. And boy, I never thought it would be this amazing. I was able to learn the history and philosophy of yoga, where it came from, what it does for the body, and where it can lead. The posture clinics allowed me to learn about the poses more, what they do and the deeper structure of them. The training brought me so many amazing friends I know I'll be in connection with forever. I'm forever thankful of this training and so happy it put me on this journey.