Taylor Destefano

Taylor was always active in team sports growing up, but after high school she began searching for an enjoyable way to work out on her own. She was soon introduced to Yoga Tribe in February 2016, and her life hasn’t been the same since. It quickly became clear that the bliss she experienced in the yoga room was the result of something much deeper than just exercise. She began noticing major shifts in her mental health, mental clarity, and her relationships. She knew that there was something really special about yoga and was eager to gain a deeper understanding. She felt a calling to Yoga Tribe’s 200 hour Teacher Training, and took the leap in the fall of 2018. During teacher training, Taylor learned the power of quieting the mind and living from a space of pure love. This opened up a whole new world: a world of inner peace and self-worth that she had never known before. As a result, this training lead Taylor to discover a new and exciting passion, which was to share this unique gift of yoga with others. She began teaching in February 2019 and is honored to help guide others along their journey into a more connected, grateful, and peaceful state of being in the midst of this fast-paced world.