Nicole Granado

Nicole was born in Long Beach, California but grew up in Huntington Beach for most of her life. She attended Cypress College. She currently is a Nanny for multiple families but mainly works with one family.

Nicole found Yoga in 2010. She attended her first class at Corepower. She liked it but wasn't able to afford it after the introductory week was up. She kept active by running, walking her dog, and hiking. But craved something different. Nicole moved to Montana for a little over a Summer and absolutely fell in love with Montana. Still didn't change the fact she was born and raised in Southern California and knew nothing of temperatures below 55-75 degrees. Nicole returned to warm Southern California right before winter came around. While living in Montana, Nicole started practicing yoga again. She would use her friend's student ID to sneak into the University of Montana's gym to do Yoga. After returning home for a while, she started to miss her practice. Practicing here and there but no real commitment.

A friend brought her to Yoga Tribe in 2014 and that's when it all began. The Dayton Method Teacher Training came around and she thought about it but then let it go. A week before teacher training began, something clicked in her mind and she knew what she needed to do next. The day teacher training began, Nicole was signing the paperwork and receiving her teacher training manual.

After graduating in August 2014 from Yoga Tribe's Dayton Method Teacher Training, registered by yoga alliance, she received her RYT-200. She has been a teacher at Yoga Tribe since September 2014. At this point, she wants to keep studying her practice, yoga, alignments and physical anatomy. She wants to do as many teacher trainings/workshops as she can so that she can best serve her students. So that she can offer the best of what Yoga has to offer her students, creating a safe environment for all types of people, with injuries or none, to practice yoga. She feels she has found her true path and is so grateful for Yoga Tribe and all of it's instructors and students for they inspire her everyday.