Nelda Alvarez

Nelda was born and raised in Hawaii but has called Huntington Beach home since she moved here in 1999.  Like all things in the Universe, if you are listening, you will be guided along life’s path.  Yoga found Nelda.  Actually, Shannon Kassoff did when she started teaching yoga in the Huntington Beach City District at Eader Elementary where Nelda teaches music. Once Nelda stepped inward with Yoga, she developed a voracious appetite for learning all things yoga and took a dive headfirst into Shannon’s Yoga Teacher Training to feed her soul.  As a person who enjoys challenging her body, mind, and spirit through creative expression, Nelda discovered her mat to be the place for her mind body transformation. Vinyasa flow is so powerful because it synchronizes breath to movement allowing for a beautiful moving meditation.  Nelda has always believed that there is energy all around us influencing our moods, feelings and actions. It wasn’t until she began her yoga journey that Nelda realized she could tune-in to this energy and connect with the Universe. She has always believed she was receiving powerful messages but didn’t always know how to interpret them.  Nelda is especially passionate to share about the vibrational energy the voice provides through Sanskrit mantra.  Through her yoga practice, Nelda has begun to trust what she is being drawn to intuitively.  As she guides you in your practice, Nelda believes your intuition will always speak the truth, listen closely, your truth is realized. When Nelda isn’t on her mat, she is most likely in the ocean bodyboarding, or singing and playing one of her many instruments.