Leslie Caswell

I began exploring yoga in 1997 as a counterbalance to teaching high-low impact aerobics.
Living in a small, rural town, the opportunity to practice yoga was limited. I would take yoga or
tai chi classes at fitness conferences, practice from articles in Shape or Yoga Journal and found
Alan Fingers’ Yoga Zone on ESPN. I distinctly remember the day I woke up and walked
downstairs and realized that for the first time ever, I felt at ease in my body.

The understanding of yoga, “union”, was beginning to resonate and the desire to understand
wellness from a holistic perspective was further taking root. As I completed my Masters degree
with an emphasis on human services, my goal was to help improve wellness to the greatest
number of people possible. In my heart I felt the common denominator causing “dis-ease” was
stress, which directly related to the quality of our breathing.

As I completed my degree, all I wanted was to be a yoga teacher. In studying Blue Zones,
community wellness, resistance to change, I knew that wellness had to begin with self-love. This
is what yoga allows in our life - beginning with the acknowledgement of Namaste and the inner
stillness developed by connecting with breath.

My practice over the years had ebbed and flowed. Returning to the mat always brought healing.
Yoga was a gift that gave to me again and again without fail. It was with tremendous joy that I
completed Dayton Method Teacher Training in 2017. It is a dream come true and a commitment
to myself and my journey of lifelong learning and wellness. Join me on the mat and in exploring
our true selves.