Kellyann Linehan

 Kellyann was gifted yoga when she came full circle back to California after spending 20 years on the eastern seaboard in the ski industry on her family’s organic farm. Her husband Bob introduced her to Yoga Tribe in 2008 and she was transported instantly to a divine place finding a purpose in life. She has her 200 hour yoga alliance certificate and has studied ayurvedic medicine (the sister science of yoga) including dosha discovery and the chakras.

Her teaching philosophy is Bhakti yoga – deep devotion, yoga from my heart……the highest honor of my spirituality and transformation has been self love and magical “Prana” – Sparks of intelligent finer-than-atomic energy that constitute life. My greatest gift to my students is to guide through layers, poses that are designed to meet your body where it is at any given moment – not to conform to. I provide an avenue to shift into consciousness and find balance with mother earth…….feeling your inner smile and believing in yourself. Everything I do to remember who I am and everything I do to let go of what I’m not.

I believe yoga provides the path to healing, forgiving, and acceptance. It’s opened the door to my limitless potential. It’s been a positive and powerful antidote healing my injuries and protecting me from disease. I have found the fountain of youth and want to share it with you…….

Kindle the light within yourself, then kindle the light in others….one by one - Babaji