Katrina Quackenbush

Katrina is an upstate New York native and has always been physically active throughout her life. She started playing soccer in 2nd grade, all the way up to 11th grade; and played just about every other sport possible throughout her teenage years. During college, Katrina missed the feeling of being part of a team, the feeling of connectedness. Workouts were a hit or miss during her busy schedule of working towards completing two Bachelor degrees and working two jobs. One thing she always noticed during that time period was her shallow and short breathing. She felt the stress of college building up within her muscles and bones, the busy chatter of her thoughts clogging her mind. Once college ended, Katrina’s journey of yoga began in her bedroom, as she began to watch Tara Stiles YouTube videos. Katrina joined a gym and slowly began to participate in the Yoga classes they had to offer. Tri-pod headstand was one of the poses she was unable to get into it. Katrina, determined as always told herself you are going to get into that pose one day; and she did about 3 years later. Right before moving to California from New York, Katrina found herself in a heated Bikram Yoga class and fell in love. The practice of Yoga was something that took ahold of Katrina, she could feel it within her soul, she finally found the connection she was looking for. The connection from within. She never looked back.

Katrina moved to Orange County in August of 2013. She actively began to search for a Yoga studio close to her apartment where she could begin her practice. Yoga Tribe in Huntington Beach and their wonderful staff and students welcomed Katrina with open arms and hearts. Katrina started with Bikram Yoga but was always curious about the classes in the other room, the Vinyasa classes. She slowly started to take more Vinyasa classes. Katrina felt the mind, body and spirit benefits of the practice and knew this was something she was meant to share. She had found her breath again. She was like a Yoga cheerleader, always sharing the practice with her friends and family, in the case they mentioned any type of ailment. Katrina continued to actively learn and develop as a student and by September of 2015, Katrina began teacher training and graduated in November 2015 with a RYT-200 in Vinyasa Flow. Katrina continued her education and participated in a 40 hour mentorship; shortly after teacher training, where she was able refine her skills, teaching live classes round robin style. In February 2016, Katrina completed a 10 hour Yin Yoga certification.