Aundy Weeks

Andrea, or Aundy as she likes to be called, began practicing yoga in 2000 when faced with back surgery. Opting to use yoga in assistance to her health, she quickly began a home practice. Upon the opening of Yoga Tribe, she hopped into her first class and thoroughly enjoyed the different group experience. Aundy faced some personal challenges and came back to Yoga Tribe in 2009. She completed the 30-day challenge in May 2009. Soon she began to face her challenges and started making changes to better her life. 

Aundy completed the Dayton Method Hot Yoga Teacher Training in August 2009. She is currently a 200 hour-RYT through Yoga Alliance, the national education and support organization for yoga in the United States. She did not enter the training with the idea of being a teacher, but quickly that mindset changed. Her passion for the practice of yoga grew immensely and when she saw the positive improvements it brought to her own life she became eager to share that with others.

Aundy is passionate about teaching and strives to make every class the best experience it can be for each student. She views the 90 minutes of teaching as being of service to others and this helps her to maintain the positive changes she is constantly striving to make. Teaching and practicing yoga brings peace and serenity to Aundy and she loves to share it with others.

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